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The Thicket


Director: Elliott Lester

Writer:     Chris Kelley

Cast:       Peter Dinklage, Juliette Lewis, Macon Blair, Esme Creed-Miles, Leslie Grace, James Hetfield, Andrew Schulz

Jack Parker and his sister, Lula, has been through a lot. Orphans, living with their grandfather, they are attacked by a traveling group of bank robbers. His grandfather is killed, and Lula is taken away. In search of his sister, and desperate, he enlists the only people he can: a bad-ass bounty hunting dwarf, a grave-digging son of an ex-slave, and a street-smart prostitute. Together, the rag-tag group trail the criminals into the Big Thicket where they hope to rescue Lula and collect the bounty on the heads of the bandits. But they soon realize these are not your run of the mill bank robbers, but vicious and sadistic killers, and the prospect of rescuing Lula unharmed looks bleak.

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